Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Eating Dirt

Sunday morning ride was on the cards and I was pretty excited to get out on the trails at 'The LookOut', Swinley Forest. 

The ride started well and the tracks were in superb shape, they felt sticky and positive which gave me tons of confidence on the bike. 

We were having a lot of fun. I was popping the back wheel out, jumping and bouncing down the trails.

We approached one of my favourite parts of the trail and I took off. I felt I was going faster than ever, a few tail flicks over some bumps made a table top, 2 monster burms without tapping the brake, then I took another jump, landed, popped it again and then to be honest the next thing I remember was thinking, what's broken?!

I went over the handlebars and landed on my shoulder and face, eating  dirt! 

I was instantly worried, tingles down my left arm. Gideon then flew past me and slammed on the anchors. He checked my collar bone, and that was fine... And then he went into photographer mode trying to capture the moment.

Shirt torn and face full of dirt!!
What Just happened??

My left shoulder was killing, my left knee would not bend and my face was all scratched up and covered in dirt. A few Haribos later and I started to feel a bit better. 

It was a long ride back to the car, where I had the drive home feeling everything swelling. 

I rested all day and took an early night, but when I woke up the next morning (not that I got much sleep) I felt like I had had 12 rounds with Tyson. My neck was chronic, with no movement at all. My knee was also swollen and wouldn't  bend.... 

The Aftermath

I'm now sitting in A&E waiting to have everything checked.

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